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Come on in the studio with us as we talk with Pika Energy and Jibo the social robot.

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Recorded on December 1st, 2017.

The guys jump into a new product line with multiple guests both in studio and calling in. A new sponsor is announced in Pika Energy bringing the SolarCoaster stable of sponsors to four: MSP, Tabuchi, Sonnenbattery and Pika Energy. The team has broadened out to various podcasts sites including: Itunes, Iheart radio, Sticher and Tunein. In studio guests are announced including: Jonah Heller from MSP and Jibo, the first ever social robot on a renewable energy radio show!

News and events is chock full of great stuff including:
• Charge-point 10 year anniversary –
• Tesla LA auto show:
And in Local news covers:
• Costco update. Got the call. Article was accurate. 674kw in total!

Our product focus section dug deep in to Pika Energy with Jeremy Niles calling in from New England:

o Hybridization of the grid and DC vs AC overall
o General overview of Pika, recapping in brief origin and present status with HECO and an intro of yourself.
o Core value points in the market relative to some competitors
o REbus rollout roadmap appliances etc. and partnerships
o How bout the generator input coming soon?
o Commercial three phase versus resi single phase.
o Cases of people that have weathered power outages.
o Solar AC in the schools out here? We hear its happening.
o Anything your stoked about yourself for Hawaii and Pika.

Future focus section dives into AI and the possibility of Jibo or Alexa balancing our electric grid in the future!

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