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Maui Solar Project & Tabuchi Electric America partner to produce first ever Microgrid at Maui County Fair!

This just in folks! Maui Solar Project, one of the premier solar installers on Maui, and Tabuchi Electric America have partnered up to deploy the first ever microgrid at the Maui County Fair this week. They’ll be demonstrating the technology used, and running their booths from the power generated! See their press release here.

Some of you may remember the Maui Solar Project trailer from the Maui Film Festival a few months ago. It was a triumph of technology, built from Sunpreme bifacial glass panels, and Maui Solar Project was able to completely power the celestial cinema at the Maui Film Festival with the electricity generated from the system.

This time, the trailer has been retrofitted with a new Tabuchi Electric battery system and can run in a completely autonomous mode, meaning no connection to the power grid at all, and no fossil fuels burned.

Maui Solar Project and Tabuchi Electric America will also be offering sunshine to power your mobile devices while you attend the fair day or night (because of the batteries). Just stop by the Maui Solar Project trailer for a free fill up!

Link to Press Release 2017

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