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The ’17 year-end episode takes a call in from Mellisa Miyahsiro of Blue Planet Energy to discuss the just announced community solar program CBRE for Hawaii. The team goes through the top ten quotes of the year encapsulating all the coolest stuff the guys have learned throughout the year. TEN: Tabuchi – Owner /President Episode #19 (42:36) – “We learned the lesson (about the dangers of too rapid growth of solar) because of the earthquake disaster in Fukushima” NINE : Sonnen Battery / VP Marketing Greg smith Episode #10 (35:55) – “If you go to the German website it shows a live update of the power that is being transferred real time.” -VP Marketing Greg smith EIGHT: Blue Ion /VP –Engineering Kyle Bolger EPISODE #28 (10:28) – “just like the fuel gauge in your car you don’t have to call your mechanic to figure out if your fuel tank is empty or full.. we have a huge level of clarity” VP –Engineering Kyle Bolger SEVEN: ” ONE SYSTEM – LG Full PV, Battery, and inverter” EPISODE #27 (37:45) -“As LG Electronics, we are working on a energy storage solution, it’s going to involve LG Chem’s batteries, Inverter and PCS will be manufactured by LG Electronics, we’ll have an integrated solution.” – David Chang SIX: Solar Edge EPISODE 10 (29:18) – “It’s the first ever PV inverter with integrated EV charger. It’s kinda cool because it really gives you the fastest level 2 charger on the market and you can run your car on sunshine” – Lior Handelsman FIVE: Doug Mceloud , Maui Renewable Energy Conference EPISODE 26 (24:22) – “What were scared of is ending up like Germany, What we don’t want to have here in Hawaii is we spend all this money on something called renewable energy….and then uh oh what if that wasn’t dealing with climate change issues at all” – Doug Mcleoud FOUR: – ECOSHIP EPISODE 33 (32:00) – “Already in marine transportation, CO2 production is quite huge, the same as Germany, a whole country production of CO2 is the same.” Yoshioka, Tatsuya THREE: Pika – Gerbil/ Dishwasher Episode #30 (41:03) – “Yeah, the Tesla Dishwasher is the first thing we’ll be integrating” (it’s a joke). Bosh is working hard in collaboration with Pika to create DC Nano-grid lighting, and that will most likely be the first product line. Jeremy Niles/Jeff Mcandrew/Andrew HIckock, Pika Energy TWO: “I’ve got this wonderful garden off smart technology growing I my home an I’m watering it with a fire hose” – Emerge Alliance Episode #19 (19:20) – “I have this beautiful garden of smart technology growing (in my home), and I’m still trying to water it with a firehose” – Bryan Patterson Emerge Alliance ONE: SUNDRUM – Michael Intieri Sundrum Solar Energy Episode #31 (45:50) – “Pools are fantastic batteries.” Take the heat from the house during the day, throw it in the pool, at night put the heat back in the house.” – Michael Intieri, Sundrum Solar Happy New Year form the SolarCoster

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