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The team welcomes Jon McEnroe the show. Smartflower Pacific has distribution rights throughout the Pacific of this Austrian designed all-in-one solar system. Smartflower is explored during the product section of this show and is revealed to be more than a solar energy system but also a statement of energy consciousness. With over 1600 units deployed throughout the globe smart flower looks poised to be a unique solution for NEM non export system expansion, CGS + and CSS HECO utility programs. The guys wrestle through a host of news stories from climate change and extreme whether in Boston to solar industry solutions being put to the test in Puerto Rico. Josh and Jay offer differing viewpoints on the an article lauding the benefit of the pending tariff. Local news takes a critical look at the state energy office as auditors can’t determine exactly what it is they do. Future focus hones in on new energy storage approaches as well as a 32% efficiency hetero-junction cell under R&D at the US airforce.

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