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The guys review the news touching on solar roadways in China, Tesal’s Solar Slump and how residential solar may b e changing. In local news Big Island of Hawaii sees Solar permits soar 78%!

Product focus for the day brings Yoshioka Tatsuya-san from Tokyo’s Ecoship project to the Coaster. The fellas welcome this amazing technology to the which is launching to the forefront of the marine industry using renewables. It turns out the marine industry is booming and currently responsible for 17% of global CO2 emissions. Josh shares his experience with Peaceboat traveling the world in his twenties. Jason shows off some if his Osaka-ben! His Japanese is pretty solid! Yoshioka reviews the history of Peaceboat starting in 1983 and now nearing 100 global voyages. Ecoship is the future! Future focus digs into a bio-luminescent trees!

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